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How To Keep Insurance Costs Low

Admin February 29, 2012 1

When starting off in the driving world, car insurance can cost more than the car itself in a lot of cases for 17/24 year old’s, with insurance providers having a field day when a

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Ideal First Cars

Ideal First Cars

Admin January 13, 2012 0

Here are our suggestions for suitable first wheels. You may argue that there are lots of other makes and models, but we decided to keep the list cool and contemporary, with street cred, reliability, price and

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VW GTI For A Younger Market?

Admin November 14, 2011 3

If you look up the word predictable< in the illustrated dictionary you will see a picture of the VW marketing department writing the press release for the latest hot city-car with a photo of

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Motor insurance costs down by 3%

Admin November 7, 2011 0

With the news filled with stories of bank collapses, Greece’s financial implosion and the general state of the mire we find ourselves finally with some good news for Irish consumers. According to the latest

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Peugeot 206 1.1 98-09

Admin October 30, 2011 0

What? When it launched in 98 it’s looks were way ahead of the time. The Clio was it’s prime rival and it arguably became the more popular car within the Irish market. More masculine

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What Is Motor Insurance?

Admin October 27, 2011 0

It is a legal requirement in Ireland to either hold a motor insurance policy or be a named driver on one, if you plan on driving your vehicle on public roads. In order to pay

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Fully Comprehensive ‘v’ Third, Party Fire & Theft ‘v’ Third Party

Admin October 27, 2011 2

There are three different types of insurance policies which motorists must choose one from when insuring their vehicle. In decreasing order of what they cover, these are Fully Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft,

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