Important: Before you start

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There are many ideal cars out there which are more than suitable for first time drivers. Before you know what you want to buy though, there are a few questions which you must ask yourself, and then find a realistic answer to.

  • What do I need a car for? Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself. Why purchase a large car if your sole purpose is to get yourself to college and back?
  • What is my budget? Knowing how much you have to spend on a car, after insurance and running costs have been taken into account is vital to limiting your car search from possibly hundreds to just tens of possible models. Have €3,000 to spend? Keep away from newer models.
  • How much will it cost to run and insure? First time drivers are an insurance providers dream come through. Know how much a vehicle will cost to insure, and keep know it’s reliability/fuel reputation before looking.
This is only the start of it. To get a vehicle suggested to suit your own personal needs directly, send an email to and we’ll happily help you out.


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