Road Test: Opel Corsa SC 1.3 CDTi

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Road Test: Opel Corsa SC 1.3 CDTi

Last week, we drove 750 fun km in the 2012 Opel Corsa SC.

This wasn’t just any SC though. This was a Chilli Orange variant, with optional stripes pack. I can only guess this wasn’t specced by a more senior member at Opel.


As mentioned, we drove the SC with additional Linea stripes pack. This is your mid range Corsa, which comes in a range of vivid paint jobs, plus some cool additions including 17″ white alloys & door mirrors, and ‘go faster’ stripes from bonnet to boot.

Beneath where those white stripes start, can be found the 4 cylinder 1.3 CDTi, which puts out 75bhp. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but for such a small car it’s definitely sufficient.

Opel claim a combined fuel consumption of 4.2 l/100km & Co2 of just 110 g/km, landing it in the lowest tax band, tax band A(€160 P/A). Those claims are pretty realistic to achieve, as we managed over 750km from the small tank, not refueling once during our time with it.


In all honesty, we think previous Corsas, bar a minority of tastefully modified ones, haven’t been all that nice on the eye. That might sound brash, but it’s the honest truth, and most of you wold probably agree too. They were never the worst looking car, but they were a car, and just that.

This however is more than just a car (sounds deep right?). This is a very very good looking car. If you disagree with us on this one, you’re probably a hipster. Just look at those lines! The optional Linea pack with alloys also helps give it a sporty appearance, without being too ‘boy racerish’ as your mother would say.

In terms of what this car is pitted against, as far as we can see, it knocks the competition out in the looks department.


So where does its level of comfort stand v the rest of this class? Sitting into this thing after having a good goo of the outside is a bit underwhelming. If you’ve ever been in a Corsa from the noughties, you’ll know what we mean. Plastics are basic but work, likewise with that familiar small LCD display on the centre console, but the clothed seats (which are kind of important if you’re to buy one) are just a bit ‘cheap’ to the eye and unfortunately, just not as comfortable as they could be.

The seats don’t take away from the package as a whole, but having recently spent a week in the gorgeous sculpted seats of Opels new Astra GTC, we kind of expected better. This is of course just our opinion.

Standard SC spec also gives you some nice additions, such as a decent stereo with mp3 connectivity, electric front windows and body colour door handles among more.

On the Move

Start it up and it sounds like any other Massey Ferguson.. Not. For a small diesel, it’s surprisingly quiet. As the revs lift, from 2k RPM you get a little whistle from the turbo, something more akin to a diesel producing three times what this does. After 4k RPM it does begin to run out of puff, while at the same time starts to sound like it should have a plough attached.

The 75hp output from it is fine around town, and it sits nicely in 5th on the motorway, with road and engine noise surprisingly quiet given the size and class of this thing.

The ride quality is as impressive as the looks, especially given the 17″ alloys and low profile tyres that it was fitted with. The car doesn’t sit too low as a warm hatch would, but there was a surprising lack of roll on any of our bendy encounters throughout the week.


When the time came to hand it back to Opel Ireland, we had already made our mind up about this car.

For it’s looks alone, this is a great buy. Couple that with German build quality and a healthy thud when closing the door, and you get a great all rounder.

It’s a supermini which definitely beats a lot of its competitors on looks and economy, if not quite on the quality of its seats.

Price: from €17,745 (€20,004 as tested)

km this week: 750

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