Fully Comprehensive ‘v’ Third, Party Fire & Theft ‘v’ Third Party

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There are three different types of insurance policies which motorists must choose one from when insuring their vehicle. In decreasing order of what they cover, these are Fully Comprehensive, Third Party, Fire & Theft, and Third Party.

  • Fully Comprehensive. This may be the most expensive insurance policy available to a motorist but this is not without reason. The reason for it’s cost is that it covers you – the driver – in almost every situation regarding unexpected costs incurred while driving. The general areas which this policy covers are, all damage to your wheels whether yours or another drivers fault, personal accident insurance (life), loss of any personal belongings from your car; the cost of a replacement car if the insured car is being repaired/replaced as a result of an accident, etc. Fully Comprehensive insurance is more suited to expensive vehicles, as the cost of comprehensive insurance can often out do the cost of replacing or fixing an older vehicle which has lesser cover. A brand new car should be always comprehensively insured.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft. This is the most popular form of car insurance in Ireland among younger drivers as it is always less costlier than that of fully comprehensive, and does exactly what it says on the tin. It covers any third parties involved in an accident, fire (and attempted) damage to your vehicle, and theft (and attempted) of your vehicle. There are also optional extras available to make the policy even broader.
  • Third Party. By law, this is the bare minimum cover you must have on a vehicle to drive ti on public roads. Perhaps the least popular cover in Ireland for the reason that it quite literally only covers damage to third parties, and give you no leg to stand on in the event of damage to your vehicle, or fire or theft of it. Best avoided.
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